Friday, June 20, 2008

At Least They Can Publish Adverts

In response to this statement

Police: Leftists in Hebron more dangerous than right-wing counterparts

Peace Now calls for suspension of police commander who said extreme left-wing activists provoke settlers in hope of producing violent response. 'They have become an even greater threat than the anarchists,' said Commander Peled

"The activity of some leftist organizations in Hebron is more dangerous that which is being conducted by their right-wing counterparts," a senior Shai District Police official told Ynet Monday.

"Organizations such as Bnei Avraham (which is committed to 'disturbing the occupation, disrupting the segregation and apartheid regime') and Breaking the Silence are wolves in sheep's' clothing", the official said in light of the growing tensions between left and right-wing activists in the West Bank city.

The head of the Israel Police's Hebron district, Commander Avshalom Peled told Ynet that "from my experience in the Hebron and Gush Etzion area, the activity on the part of the militant left can be severe and dangerous."

the Left got very agitated and published this ad in Haaretz yesterday:

It reads: "To Apply the Law in Hebron" and demands the police retract their announcements (where did free speech go?), to allow the "Breakers of Silence" to continue their tours (which are provocative), apply the law equally and calls on Israelis to participate and come to Hebron.

The signees include Shulamit Aloni, Michael Ben-Yair, Shlomo Gazit, Ruth Dayan, AB Yehoshua, Amos Oz, Mordechai Kremnitzer and Yossi Sarid, among others.

Gee, I had thought thses leftists had disappeared.

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