Friday, June 13, 2008

Not True

Shaul Arieli is a bit notorious as a former Gaza Brigade Commander who promotes the Geneva Initiative and is a member of the Peace & Security Council. Here are some of his musings (from 2004 and one on Jerusalem displaying outlandish impractical ideas and pseudo-intellectual thinking with no basis in reality.

Anyway, I caught him here saying something stupid:

Another factor contributing to the waste of taxpayers' money is the state's refusal to allocate resources to building checkpoints along the fence, despite having already spent billions on its construction. Arieli says that the traffic of settlers who cross the Green Line is heavy in certain areas, and that they refuse to undergo security checks. Today, vehicles carrying a yellow Israeli license plate can enter Israel proper through the fence - as did the truck with a bomb that reached Tel Aviv from Qalqilyah a year ago, but did not explode.

they refuse to undergo security checks???

Not true.

We are slowed down at all crossings, looked at and occasionally stopped for a check if something seems suspicious. That's it.

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