Sunday, June 08, 2008

I Transgressed

This is one of those few non-political and personal posts that slip in every once in a while.

Today, I was returning from Jerusalem (we have to put in hours on the eve of a festival when it falls on a day other than Friday). I had three bags from the shuq and at the entrance to the Egged Bus Station, I had to put them down to undergo the pre-entrance security check which meant removing my mobile phone and digital camera from my belt.

That done, I then stepped inside to place the bags on the conveyor belt for the x-ray check. I waited for the woman in front of me to finish and as I began to lift up my bags, someone zips in from the left, cuts in front and drops a little bag on the belt.

This has happened before and if I see the person coming, I sometimes manage to cut him/her off but I wasn't that fast today. But, I was peeved enough to grab his bag, - it was smallish and not that heavy - place my bags on and then place his back on. He, of course, had already proceeded and was waiting when I stepped up, reached in in front of him to get my bags while he, nonplussed, was trying to figure out what happened.

I enjoyed quite much the look on his face even if he managed to get his one bag first while I struggled with my three.

But, for me, it was worth it.

That was such a nice transgression.


Anonymous said...

You call that a "sin"? What a disappointment :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

With sins like that no wonder Mashiach hasnt come yet....