Friday, February 22, 2008

More on That "Holy Hole"

Here's Manny Winston's opinion on the "Holy Hole":-

by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Muslim Arabs blame the Jews for tunneling under the Temple Mount which they claim caused a small cave in. This happened after an earthquake (one of G-d’s wonders) epi-centered in northeastern Lebanon measuring 5.3 on the Richter Scale, shook the Jerusalem area at 12.37 PM Friday February 15th. The only damage reported in Israel was this hole on the Temple Mount and in Shechem (Nablus) the site of Joseph’s Tomb which the Muslims destroyed in October 2000 (after then Prime Minister Ehud Barak ordered a unilateral retreat. He also left a wounded soldier to bleed to death, a Druze named Madhat Yusuf - Joseph in Arabic). The Muslims burnt the holy books, destroyed the tomb and painted the dome green - the color of Islam and declared the Jewish Shrine to be Islamic and Joseph to be Muslim.

I agree with the Muslims that Jews, or at least this Jew, may have been responsible for the hole in the floor of the Temple Mount Plaza. NO. It wasn’t any Jewish tunneling, although the Arab Wakf have been evacuating Solomon’s Stables to create another huge mosque underground, resulting in the weakening of the retaining walls that hold up the Temple Plaza.

I have prayed to G-d for a long time to produce an earthquake that would turn the Golden Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque into rubble. Pagan temples built on top of the Holy of Holies has been an affront to G-d and long overdue for cleansing.

In fact, I also lobbied G-d to flatten Teheran , Damascus, Bagdad, Riyadh, Cairo, Mecca, Medina, ‘et al’ with a shift of His tectonic Earth plates. I didn’t neglect to petition for the European nations who assisted in the Holocaust and have presently joined the Muslim Arab oil Terrorist nations in their efforts to wipe out Israel as they so threaten.

I am sure many others have asked G-d for all of the above and more.

So, we can agree that the hole that came from the earthquake was the fault of the Jews. I certainly made the request. Didn’t you?

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