Sunday, February 24, 2008

BBC's "Militants"

The BBC reported Friday that (with my interspersed comments):-

On Friday two Palestinian militants were killed in an Israeli air attack in the Gaza Strip. [and how militant were they? they] Both were members of the Islamic Jihad organisation, which said they had been observing [observing? like in planning a raid or ambush?] Israeli troop movements close to the border in central Gaza. Israel frequently attacks militants, who fire rockets [oh, so militants fire rockets like in militia/military/terrorist activity?] into Israeli territory on an almost daily basis. The Palestinian militant groups insist [oh, they insist, do they?] the rocket fire is a response to what they term [but nobody else would or should] Israeli aggression.


pounce_uk said...

I found your blog while looking up Iron dome. I noticed you've picked up on the anti-jewish bias as exhibited by the BBC. You may like to pop into now and again in which to tell the truth.

YMedad said...

I am aware of that site and when Natalie was running it, commented there frequently. Check my blog back four years almost and see that BBC is one of my favorite customers - but it's all their fault. Thanks.