Thursday, February 07, 2008

Barry Chamish Keeps Attacking Me Repetively

Chamish writes this about me here:-

Last night (14/12/03) I set my book table down at a rally against Olmert at the Jerusalem Theatre. Olmert was was guest of honor at an awards ceremony sponsored by the Israel Media Watch, an act itself inconceivable enough to sow confusion. We now return once again to that Rabin assassination, which must be kept under wraps at all cost.

The gentleman who invited Olmert and refused to rescind the invitation was Yisrael Medad, not long ago a central figure in the battle to expose the events leading up to the murder of Rabin. In the months leading up to the assassination, the government-owned Channel One tv channel, its head Moti Kirschenbaum and a director Eitan Oren, staged two reports of a dangerous hyper-radical organization called Eyal, whose most prominent and only leaders were Avishai Raviv and Yigal Amir, both Shabak agents provocateur. Medad led the battle to expose this piece of deadly media manipulation, going so far as to submit a (losing) petition to the Supreme Court to indict Kirschenbaum and Oren for fraud.

Medad lives in those very territories which Olmert decided warranted special labeling and had to be withdrawn from anyway. So why would he give his sworn enemy an invitation to watch an award given for for media honesty? And there is more. An astute activist at the rally, Gemma Blech informed me,"I attended Medad's lecture at the Ariel College media conference last month. He went over some examples of media bias and repression but didn't once mention the closure of Arutz Sheva. After his speech, I asked him why and he walked away from me without saying a word."

The last person I would have suspected of such easy co-option would have been Medad. That means that everyone is a candidate for it, including, certain members of the Yesha Council.

This is a repeat of many accusatory attacks written the exact same way for the past five years.

I left this comment there ( awaiting moderation):-

For the umpteenth time, I wish to clarify that Barry has his facts wrong. According to this story, repeated many times (and corrected many times), Medad [me] "g(a)ve his sworn enemy an invitation to watch an award given for for media honesty?". No award was given to Olmert. Olmert was Minister of Communications and, like former Ministers and other government officials, was invited to give us the credit of proper standing as a legitimate social action body. As for Gemma's tale, I honestly can't recall that. It's not my habit of ignoring people. If at all, I think I had previously tried to explain the matter to her and she once again started in with accusations not based on truth.


Anonymous said...

Your comments about what Barry said in that piece leave me wondering if you read his statement. Barry did not say Olmert rec'd an award. He said you invited Olmert to watch an award being given and couldn't figure out why you would do that. (politically correct & "legitimacy" seems to be your explanation)

I'm curious also about your exchange with GB, did you then include the shutting down of Arutz Sheva in your examples of media repression, or did you not? And if not, why not? Since you have brought this up yourself, your readers would like to know.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Olmert's unclean presence would undermine any legitimacy you sought, IMHO.

Has anybody else pursued your initial petition to bring justice to those two liars who spread disinformation, aiding and abetting government agents provocateur? Or don't enough Israelis care (until their lives are on the line)?

Is the Knesset and public deaf to the cries of Yitzhak Rabin's blood for justice?

Anonymous said...

Like all Chamish eyewitnesses, "Gemma Blech" does not exist at all. Chamish interviewed her while high on his usual controlled substances.

"Gemma Blech"? Gemma a break!

David Ben-Ariel said...

Notice how those who attack Barry Chamish can't refute what he says, so they attempt to ridicule him. As Kahane said, "Those who can't debate, defame."

Those who post such cowardly comments against Barry Chamish anonymously must not exist - at least not in the real world or they would stand behind what they write, like I do.

What will the nonexistent anonymous try and tell us next? That Avishai Raviv wasn't a government agent provocateur? Or deny that Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body?

YMedad said...

To Anon: I know her. Here's a pic she took: here. She truly does exist.

Unknown said...

I wrote David Ben-Ariel:
Amazing. Didn't know about it. And from Medad, a decent guy. And I was high on my usual substances when I interviewed Gemma?? And thus, she doesn't exist. Thanks for pushing some truth on this ridiculous lie. Barry


David Ben-Ariel said...

I'm impressed! Thank you Yisrael Medad for confirming Gemma Blech not only exists but is a photographer - and that you even know her (rather than suppressing this information, as some would do). Kol hakavod lecha! :-)

YMedad said...

I always tell the truth

Barfman said...

Actually, Chamish is a little neo-nazi, most of whose "writings" appear on Holocaust Denier web sites. He is a congenital liar who has yet to compose an entire sentenmce without lying. His political writings are even more stupid than his UFO claims.

Anonymous said...

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