Thursday, February 07, 2008

I Met a "Meshichist"

I left work today just after 5 PM and boarded the #18 bus for town.

Five minutes into the ride, a youngster, maybe 15, with a Chabad hat, begins walking down the bus aisle handing out these Travellers' Prayer cards:

Now, for all you in New York and other places, the custom of walking up and down subway cars, etc., is not unknown - not to speak of singing and dancing. But in Israel? In Jerusalem?

Anyway, as he came to me I said: "There's no such thing as a dead messiah." It took him but 3 seconds to respond: "but the messiah is alive."

Oh, well, the "Meshichistim" are in town.

An insight.


A "Meshichistim" site.

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thanbo said...

Oh, I've had one of those cards for years, guy in my office was handing them out. I keep it as a bookmark in my siddur, usually upside down.

I think it's meant to be used by the Foolish True Believer as a way to focus on the face of Rebbe-God while praying.

Or is it a mug shot, so we can identify the True Messiah when He rises from the grave on the third day / thirteenth year / fortieth year?