Thursday, February 07, 2008

And You Call Yourself a Mother?

This is the mother of Louai al-Aghwani, one of the suicide bomber attackers in Dimona.

Dear Pal. Mom,

You see what happens when you don't exert enough parental influence over your children? They turn up in pieces.

You really believe that if you let him go into the streets ot throw stones and then later maybe grenades, that he's a good boy?

Don't you know that your husband and your brothers and the down-the-block Immam at the local mosque are all interested in having your son, and those of your friends, sacrifice himself for a lost and wrong cause? That what you are let your son do is get involved in a most immoral and religiously-erred action?

Mom, Um-whatever, stop crying and tell all your friends: keep the kids at home, tell them the jews have a right to live in their national historic homeland, that the Arabs best bet is to make peace with the Jews and get on with your lives.

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