Sunday, February 24, 2008

More on Monopoly

This is from a non-Jew:-

From: L___ & B____ G_______ <>
Date: 23 February 2008 2:33:16 PM IST
Subject: Re: Nations dropped from Monopoly site after Jerusalem fuss -

here is the email I sent to Hasbro...not that anyone will read it.

I find it interesting that you call the new game "Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition"; however, you are dropping the names of the countries because of a fight over Jerusalem. I think "Here and Now" it's called Jerusalem, Israel, not Jerusalem, Palestine. So if you call the game "In the Future Maybe: Global Edition" you could call it something else. Come on folks, be in the forefront of teaching our children current geography, and list the city and country name. Our (collective) children are illiterate as far as Geography is concerned. Step up and help.

If our Map Makers waited for peace to happen all over the world, we wouldn't have any maps, not even the in the US where Killington, Vermont is trying to become part of New Hampshire without actually changing locations (I live in Vermont, so I know the outcome of this - it won't happen). Stand your ground, and do the right thing. I do find it interesting that even on your website map for voting, you don't list the country names. Some people might look at that map and think that Montreal is in the US. Some people already think Vermont is in Canada, but I know Montreal is not in the US. Don’t bow to political pressure, call it what it is - Jerusalem Israel.

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