Thursday, February 07, 2008

Henry Seigman Schm*cks It Again

Here's another brilliant, cogent and well-thoughout piece of inanity from Henry Siegman, who touts himself and gets others to tout him as a smart and perceptive analyst of the Middle East:-

Israelis angrily respond that instead of condemning Israel’s policy towards Gaza, their critics would be better advised to demand that Gaza’s citizens remove their Hamas-led government. The absurdity of such a suggestion aside, one has to wonder how Israelis would respond if they were told by Palestinians that instead of condemning Hamas’s terrorist assaults on Israeli citizens, they should remove their own government for failing to end the occupation.

Henry, with whom I had a really deep discussion (deep as in the seat I was sitting in at the cafe of the Jerusalem hotel the meeting was held was soft and deep), is the director of the US/Middle East Project, served as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations from 1994 to 2006, and is also a research professor at the Sir Joseph Hotung Middle East Program at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Research Professor? Oh my gosh.

Now, why would he even suggest that one need wonder about removal of government. He's been trying to remove every right-of-center government Israel has had since the 1980s. Oh, he's Jewish. He's allowed, I guess he presumes.

Of course, changing the Gaza government just might save lives on both sides of the border, among other things like improving their economic situation, gain for themselves some civil liberties and human rights, a bit of freedom, etc. Things Henry isn't interested in. What interests Henry is getting Israel out of the Land of Israel.

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