Friday, February 22, 2008

Condi Rice Is Being Robust, Again

And, again, she's being robust at the wrong party (for some previous robustness, see here and here).

Worried Rice to discuss Gaza with Olmert in Japan

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will meet with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice while both are in Japan next week. The meeting was requested by Rice. It is particularly surprising because Rice is due to come to Jerusalem for a working visit the following week.

Haaretz has reported that the U.S. - like its fellow members of the Quartet, the EU, UN and Russia - is increasingly unhappy with Israel's policies in Gaza. Rice's deputy, David Welch, even told the last Quartet meeting that the U.S. "is not comfortable" with Israel's operations in Gaza. [what? we should be carpet bombing Gaza like the U.S. does? YM]

General William Fraser, the U.S. envoy responsible for monitoring implementation of the road map peace plan, visited Israel this week and met with officials in the Prime Minister's Office, the defense establishment and the Foreign Ministry. Fraser's job is to determine whether both sides are fulfilling their obligations under the road map's first stage, which includes evacuating illegal settlement outposts for Israel and fighting terror for the Palestinian Authority.

A government official said that on his next trip, Fraser would present a plan for how both sides should move forward on these obligations.

"Kinda-Lies" Rice is dangeroulsy turning into a British Mandate High Comissioner figure.

And I do hope these generals that come and go are being presented with the full picture, which includes the history of Arab terror against Jews sionce 1920 as well as military perspectives from peopl eon the ground and most definitely not solely the IDF or the Ministry of Defense. There are people who have good knowledge of the situation which might prove useful. We residents of Yesha have been in touch with military advisors to US officials and I only hope that the current fly-in generals have the opportunity to speak and listen to all points of view.

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