Friday, September 21, 2007

Codni is back to "Robusting"

A year ago, Condi was robusting all over the place (see my previous post).

On the way back from Israel, she was being very robust. Here are selections from her on-board press conference:- try and get this document done...There are a number of holidays to contend with, both Israeli and Islam holidays. [I thought that was cute]..

QUESTION: You spoke a bit more about the document on this trip than we've heard
before. Can you flesh that out a little bit for us? What do you expect the
document itself to do? Is it fair to call it an agreement? Is it something that
both sides will sign?

SECRETARY RICE: I think it's better to think of it as a joint statement. I
don't want to try to give it a name because I think they will name it at some
point...I think we'll have to -- they're going to have to have a few sessions between
their negotiating teams to really set the parameters of this document...

QUESTION: Just very quickly on the document, do you want to see some kind of
timeline, some specific benchmarks, you know, along the lines -- there was
something like that on the roadmap and kind of got away from it -- but just on
this issue of Gaza...
SECRETARY RICE: ...I don't really expect that this document that they would have would have timelines. I think that's not the intent...the United States has a very clear policy about Gaza. It is an indivisible part of the Palestinian territories. It will be a part of the Palestinian state...Remember what I'm saying is that we recognize the indivisibility of those territories...

...Security has to be resolved. It has to be a security concept that works for the new Palestinian state and for Israel and, for that matter, for the Palestinian neighbors. For instance, Egypt borders Gaza. There will have to be understanding about economic relations, about resources...I think that what really this does is -- recognizing that there is a sequence of obligations that will have to be fulfilled to get to a Palestinian state..this is a conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, that needs to be resolved for its own reasons. It's gone on a really
long time. The Palestinians have been without a state for a really long time.
There are generations now of Palestinians who've kind of come and gone while
the promise of statehood has been held out but hasn't been fulfilled. And I
think that that has been really not good for Palestinians, it's not been good
for Israelis and it's not been good for the region.

Released on September 21, 2007

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