Friday, September 21, 2007

Chelsea & Avram Grant

"Avram Grant is going to be as welcome as Camilla at Diana's memorial.

"This guy is not well-loved at Chelsea. He is not going to last."


The question really is: will there be a rise in antisemtic threats, curses and insults or worse? The previous manager was a foreigner so that can't be a factor. And Grant hasn't be given a chance to win or lose yet.

We'll wait.

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Witch-king of Angmar said...

Mourinho was very popular with Chelsea fans and they didn't take his sacking well(don't believe this "separation by mutual consent" baloney). Grant is seen as Abramovich's stooge and that is the only reason why he is unpopular from the start and no other. If he does achieve results the animosity will be gone(though the bad taste in the mouth over how Mourinho was kicked out will stay).

Incidentally, Chelsea didn't play all that bad yesterday at Old Trafford. IMHO, the Mikkel's red card determined the outcome. Who knows how it would have ended if it was 11 on 11 for the whole match.