Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ver-r-r-r-r-y Interesting

I presume the term "activists" means Kach people (*) but it's an interesting slant to take in any case.

Hevron activists have announced that they are suing the extreme-left group Peace Now. The reason for the lawsuit is a letter sent by Peace Now to Defense Minister Amir Peretz and the media, in which Peace Now insisted that Peretz expel several Jewish families from "Peace House," a building that was purchased from Arabs and which the families entered just days ago. In the letter, Peace Now accused the new residents of “invading” the building.

The activists are accusing Peace Now of slander, adding that Peace Now was trying to get Peretz to cause violation of a contract by kicking the Jews out of their house despite the contract they have saying they can live there. [there's bad grammar and syntax in that sentence; the spelling errors I corrected] In compensation, they are demanding a full public retraction and apology, a promise to cease any and all actions against residents of "Peace House," and one million shekels, to be paid within the next seven days.


Nope. I was wrong. It is an official action of the Hebron Jewish Community Committee and here's the letter sent by Nadav HaEtzni (in Hebrew).

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