Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, This Is A JAP?

Jackie Hoffman has a one-woman show, “Jackie With a Z,” and is joining three other female comics in “The J.A.P. Show, Jewish American Princesses of Comedy,” which opens April 18 at the Actors’ Temple.

...“I almost had cancer.” [she said] She didn’t. She did, however, have a benign tumor, and in December — right in the middle of another show, “Regrets Only, ” at the Manhattan Theater Club — she went in for a hysterectomy at age 46.

...“And everybody said the same thing: ‘You’re going to get material out of this, you’re going to get at least a half-hour.’ That’s what I told myself. It was like, ‘If I don’t get a show out of this ... .’ ”

“Jackie With a Z” soon followed, and “the big C,” as Ms. Hoffman calls cancer, factors heavily into her routine of singing, joking, moaning, groaning, stomping and clomping.

In her current show Ms. Hoffman unleashes her cheerful rancor on the Joe’s Pub crowd, imitating everyone from a toddler to a self-satisfied Upper West Sider. The performance ends with Ms. Hoffman and her uterus singing a duet.

“Now watch,” she tells the audience. “Someone from HBO will be here, and my uterus will get a series.”

Oh, and here's a pic with her knitted uterus:-

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