Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Many will be pressing Israel to go the Irish peace path.

They'll be quoting, I presume, these words of Ian Paisley:-

"After a long and difficult time in the province, I believe that enormous opportunities lie ahead for Northern Ireland...

"We must not allow our justified loathing of the horrors and tragedies of the past to become a barrier to creating a better and more stable future.

"In looking to that future, we must never forget those who have suffered during the dark period from which we are, please God, emerging. We owe it to them to craft and build the best future possible and ensure there is genuine support for those who are still suffering.

"With hard work and a commitment to succeed, I believe we can lay the foundation for a better, peaceful and prosperous future for all our people."

And those of Gerry Adams:-

"In all of the initiatives we have taken in recent times we have been guided by the need to deliver for the people of Ireland. So, in our discussions we have listened very carefully to the position put forward by Ian Paisley and his colleagues.

"The relationships between the people of this island have been marred by centuries of discord, conflict, hurt and tragedy.

"In particular this has been the sad history of orange and green. Ach tá tus nua ann anois le cuidiú De [But there is a new start now, with the help of God].

"Sinn Fein is about building a new relationship between orange and green and all the other colours, where every citizen can share and have equality of ownership of a peaceful, prosperous and just future.

"There are still many challenges, many difficulties to be faced. But let us be clear. The basis of the agreement between Sinn Fein and the DUP follows Ian Paisley's unequivocal and welcome commitment to support and participate fully in the political institutions on 8 May.

But, here, in the Middle East, we're not allowed to loathe anything about the Arabs as they are, it is claimed, right. And all attempts to halt terror have failed. And the Arabs want no 'color-mixing'.

There, though the same language, basic culture and physiological appearances, but divided by a religion, it tooks ages. And here, in Eretz-Yisrael?

To be continued...


Continuation 1:

The New York Times editorial had this headline:-

Letting Go of an Ancient Quarrel

A conflict that dates to Oliver Cromwell, 1649, although at least more than a half-century earlier, is not that ancient.

Some might think that our own Arab-Israel conflict is not ancient.

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