Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dear Progressive of the World

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Comrade Progressive of the World, You who are very uncomfortable with Israel's policies or who oppose on principle the existence of a Zionist ideology,

I know it is difficult for you to express any sympathetic understanding for Israel's plight for some perverted reason and you insist that Israel can do but wrong.

I won't argue this as it is futile.

But allow me to ask you, if the Pals. have just signed an agreement of solidarity two weeks ago and just last week set up a national government, what the heck are they still killing each other, including babies? And, more importantly, even if Israel can find a way to come to an agreement with these people, do you really expect them to abide by its provisions if they can't do so among themselves?

Read this:-

Fatah supporters in Gaza clamored for revenge against Hamas on Saturday as they buried the fourth victim of factional fighting this week. The renewed violence, which also claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy caught in crossfire, raised concerns that the power-sharing deal between the rivals might not hold. Arafa Nofal, an officer from a security force loyal to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, was killed by unidentified gunmen in Gaza on Friday.

...The response is coming, the response is coming, shouted the mourners, including dozens of gunmen.

Hamas declined immediate comment on the incident, but said the security officer had been responsible for the killing of a senior commander from the armed wing of Hamas last week.

On Thursday, a Palestinian toddler and a Palestinian man were killed by gunfire during clashes between Fatah and Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip.

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