Monday, March 19, 2007

The New Anti-Olmert Advert

The reserve soldiers' protest framework, "Take Responsibility" (*), has placed a new advert in Haaretz today, taking off on Olmert's speech theme of "This is My Job".

It reads:

Ehud Olmert.
To select a proper Defense Minister - that's your job!
To define realistic war goals - that's your job!
To protect schools, hospitals and public buidlings - that's your job!
To prevent the home front frombeing harmed -that's your job!
To return the soldiers home in peace - that's your job!

You were right in your speech. You really do work for us.
But we don't want your services any more.
So, please, switch your place of employment.

Here it is in the original:-

In case yopu are interested, their address is and their bank account for donations is at Bank Mizachi, Branch 430, Acc't. No. 666848

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