Friday, March 30, 2007

Electric Shavers and Prejudice

This advertisement appeared in HaTzofeh today, Friday.

It is a warning that "greedy persons" are selling electric shavers imported from abroad that have been recycled and sold as new at a cheap price.

It states that this is thievery and that one should be aware of unscrupulous persons seeking to trick you.

But then it adds that one must take special care as who knows which non-Jew (nochri) used these blades previously and that perhaps he was suffering from an incurable illness or sick from "all sorts of nasty things" (that part is in Aramaic).

Now, as for being sold a raw deal, that's one thing.

As for needing to be aware of medical precautions, that's another.

No problem so far.

But why the "non-Jew"? What, Jews don't get sick? Don't have AIDS or other, G-d forbid, weird communicable illnesses?

Methinks that to be justifiably papranoid, one doesn't have to be prejudiced.


Anonymous said...

It's worth pointing out that "nochri" can also just mean stranger, which would be apt in this situation.

YMedad said...

stranger or not, it still means non-Jew.

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