Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jewish Blog Mixing-It-Up?

FailedMessiah complains about a lack of response to an incident in NY when one of two auxilliary policemen shot dead in Greenwich Village turned out to be Jewish and a Chevra Kaddisha went right to work and is picking a fight:-

YeshivaWorld did cover the funeral, pointing out that a haredi police chaplain made arrangements and prevented the autopsy. It has pictures from the funeral (prominently featuring haredim from the Chevra Kadisha, Jewish burial society). But as far as I can tell by reading and searching, no Jewish blogs – not Hirhurim, or Ezzie's, or any other OJ outlets, including CrossCurrents – mentioned this. Marshalik was a Russian Jewish immigrant who wanted to serve his adopted country and gave his life doing so, right on the streets of New York. One really must ask what the JBlog coverage would have been if Marshalik attended YU, Lanner or Touro (all OJ schools) or had been shot down on the streets of Jerusalem. And that is my point.

What do Hirhurim, Ezzie or any of the others have to say?

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Gil Student said...

I also didn't comment on R. Yisrael Shurin's passing. I can't post about everything.