Friday, December 22, 2006

To Even Out the Humor

I posted Rabbi Schmecklstein, so here's WeeklyBang:-

Top Ten Halachic Questions for Santa if X-mas Falls out on Shabbos

10.Is there a problem of borer/seperating out the gifts for naughty and nice?

9. Are you allowed to eat milk N' cookies before alos/davening? What about Kiddush B'Makom Seudah?

8. Is there any problem traveling outside of the North Pole techum?

8. Are reindeer kosher/muksa?

7. If you forgot to say "Ho, Ho, Ho" do you have to repeat the visit/fulfilled chiyuv?

6. Are people allowed to make wishlists/bakashos to you on Shabbos?

5. Which zemer is most mihudar to sing at the seudah: "Here Comes Santa Claus" or "santa claus is coming to town?"

4. Can elves be counted for a minyan?

3. Is there an issue of p'seek reisha on dragging your sleigh?

2. Can you daven without your red hat and jacket?

1. You can't be koneh gifts on Shabbos. Explain That

And these were added:

If you don't have wine can you make kiddush on your tree?

Can you bentch licht on your christmas lights?

If you climb your christmas tree on shabbos, do you have to stay there till after shabbos is over?

If you sleep under the tree is that creating an ohel?

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