Friday, December 22, 2006

NYTimes Media Ethics

The following paragraph was paragraph #12, the last paragraph, in a story about events in Gaza.

In another development on Wednesday, Palestinian militants in northern Gaza fired seven rockets toward southern Israel, though no injuries or serious damage were reported, the Israeli military said. The Palestinians have fired almost 40 rockets at Israel since a cease-fire was declared Nov. 26.

Now, I know you may say, 'well, after all, it's a sidebar to what's going on between Arab and Arab'.

Well, here's the very first paragraph:

Two Palestinian security force members were killed during fighting among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, and Israeli troops in the West Bank shot dead two Palestinian militants.

Notice that the paper of note managed to get in Israeli troops killing terrorists (what is euphemistically referred to in the dainty semantics of the NYT as "militants"). So, they couldn't slip in a few Qasams that are violating the "cease-fire" (usually in these parts of the world, "cease-fire" refers to the time in between the kloading and firing of rockets)?

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