Sunday, December 31, 2006

Deb Does "Palestine" (and Santa)

Deb Reich sends us Greetings from the Occupied Holy Lands

Dear Santa,

I live in Israel/Palestine and I think I am probably addicted to the big bad conflict we have here...Santa, tell me: What in God's name have we done to the children?

If I feel like praying, I can access a direct line to the Almighty by email or fax They have these handy services now. Here's what you do: (1) Compose your prayer. (2) Send it by email, fax, or post and the company will print it and take it to the ancient Western (formerly Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem and stuff it in the cracks with thousands of other supplications to the Most High. Express delivery guaranteed! (3) Pay by credit card, from anywhere - unless you're in Gaza: Gaza the besieged, the starving, where there is no email, fax, or post, no credit card, no electricity, no water, no work, no bread, and not much else, either. You can still pray there, but the company cannot guarantee delivery, and anyhow the service is not really designed for Muslims.

Santa, I have a few other outgoing letters If you know how to get them to their destinations, give me a hand here, okay? And thanks for listening.

Dear Spirit of Love,

Or whatever your name is - get us into rehab, quick! We need help! We are massacring the neighbors - we are killing each other here. People are besieged, shot, bombed, terrorized, and I swear, some folks justify this. They justify it. How sick is that?! We need help! Most of us want to stop the killing but we don't know how. Help!

Dear Abby,

I am a Jewish freethinker in Israel. (Sometimes I write "in Israel/Palestine" because it seems to make more sense, but we won't go into that now.) I have a question. If Jewish renewal in Palestine after a thousand generations is visionary and noble, why is the idea of repatriating the displaced Palestinians after a mere fifty or sixty years seen as delusional? I don't get it.

Deb Reich is a writer and translator in Israel/Palestine. Contact her at

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Neri Bar-On said...

Dear Israel,

I live in Tel-Aviv, seeking good future for my children.

1) The Zionist movement is more then Jewish renewal, it is European way of thinking of the state that enables the Jewish people to form a state. We needed the Holocaust in order to open the doors and resources.

2) It is not advice and not moral to suggest equivalent drive for the Palestinian people

3) God is one for whole the children of the Middle East. The Jews do not have "ownership" on god nor reality interpretation. (I do not doubt the Jewish wisdom)

4) The Palestinian social-economical condition is far different from the Zionists one.

5) We are in the 21st century, while the Zionist ideas are 19th century and the "Jewish" back to home land ideas are 1st century.