Monday, December 25, 2006

A News Item Unreported: Slaughter of the Cows

Last week, an incident occured at Amatzia, a moshav in the Lachish region (where I spent a half a year in 1967).

As my good friend BR reported to me:

The previous night our Arab neighbors crossed onto our land and trapped two of our cows. One as you can see was pregnant. As to date more than 30 cows and 60 calfs have been either butchered or stolen from our herd this year.

With this incident the tracker found tracks of four donkeys so they can carry the meat back to the village.

What gives us peace of mind is we have the new security multi-million dollar seperation barrier in place so no sucide bomber can come across, just four donkeys!!!

On previous occassions before the 'Fence' was completed, they would cut some supporting cables from the fence. They would find a path where the cattle would walk and setup a large 'lasso' anchored to the base of a strong rooted brush. As the cow would walk into the 'lasso' cable it would tighten around her neck as she walked a other couple of feet. They would then hit her on the head or leg to get her on the ground and the cut her throat.

I don't know if they still cut the cable from the fence. Many thought that this would stop with the new fence. Duh.

Well at least many contractors were well employed. At least someome benifited.

And here are the gruesume pictures to prove it:-


Lion of Zion said...

i think my father was in amatzyah for a short while then

Lion of Zion said...

i meant in 67

YMedad said...

wasn't he on Machon the year before me with Baruch Kraus?

Lion of Zion said...

could be, as that name sounds very familiar.

but he also went back with betar shortly before the 6 day war. i know that through betar he spent time on amatzyah one year and on nordau another, but i forget which year was where.