Friday, December 15, 2006

Chanukah Gelt

Israelis to spend NIS 50 million for 18 million jelly doughnuts

More than 18 million jelly doughnuts will be sold during this Hanukkah season, Manufacturers Association of Israel said. While Israelis will pay about NIS 50 million for the added calories, this is actually 5 percent lower than last year's number.

The jelly doughnuts, a traditional Hannukah treat known in Hebrew as sufganiyot, cost between NIS 2.5 to 8 a piece, depending on size and filling - prices similar to last year - though it is possible to find bargains such as half a dozen for NIS 11.

Producers started to sell the doughnuts two months ago, and small ones are a hit, with 35-50 gram versions replacing the regular 80 gram ones. About five million of the smaller doughnuts will be sold, compared to only three million in 2005.

The number of candles sold for the holiday is 36 million, up 5 percent from last year.

The cost of all the wax going up in smoke will be NIS 4 million, with an individual package of 45 candles enough to last the 8 days of the festival costing between NIS 2.5 to 4 for regular candles. Special candles can start at NIS 6 a box, and go up well past NIS 12.

Israel will also export NIS 2 million worth of Hannukah candles to countries such as the U.S., France, Australia, Canada and Britain.

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