Monday, December 25, 2006

Grossman Once Again

It wasn't enough that Haaretz published David Grossman's speech at the Rabin anniversary rally (translated by Orr Scharf) or The Guardian (translation by Haim Watzman) nor The Forward (the Haaretz version).

The New York Review of Books has done so too (the translation by Haim Watzman.

Here's one bit:-

The differences between right and left are not that great today. The decisive majority of Israel's citizens now understand—of course, some of them without enthusiasm—what the shape of a peaceful solution will look like. Most of us understand that the land will be divided, that there will be a Palestinian state. Why, then, do we continue to sap ourselves with the internal bickering that has gone on now for almost forty years? Why does our political leadership continue to reflect the positions of the extremists and not of the majority?

The differences aren't great because most of the Right has gone Left.

Decisive majority? Really? By what poll or election?

Will the Land be divided? Again?

Why does the Left sap our national energies and strengths?

Why is it that only the Right is "extremist"?

Maybe it's a nice speech but it is empty of meaning and logic.

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