Monday, December 25, 2006

The Grand Design of Greater Syria

The map of Syria below is to be found in From The Illustrated Atlas, and Modern History of the World, Geographical, Political, Commercial, and Statistical: Index Gazeteer of the World. London: John Tallis and Co., published in 1851.

It illustrates why Israel is having problems with the latest Syrian dictator.

You see, Assad believes in the Great Syria ideology. And Israel has no place in that grand design.

Try reading this book for further explanations.


Anonymous said...

You call that a map?

Take a look at the map of the rival SSNP (Syria's official opposition):

Anonymous said...

Professor Israel Eldad's map ignores Syria, Lebanon, Phoenicia and other entities and peoples that have existed in that patch of land for millennia. How come you complain that the Greater Syria map ignores Israel? My personal take on this insoluble problem is that the argument that God gave you the land is really a primitive belief from the Stone Age of humanity. No one takes it seriously in this day and age except maybe lunatic fundamentalist neanderthals. The historic fact is the Israelites took it by massacre and slaughter from its original inhabitants.
Hanibaal Atheos