Thursday, December 28, 2006

Satirical Take-off on Gideon Levy

We all know Gideon Levy.

In Haaretz, he makes us cry with his weekly columns on Pal. deprivation caused by Israel.

Anyway, Yedidyah Meir of Eppes fame published this in last Friday's Haaretz Magazine and I've translated it:-

Chaos in the Territories
by Gideon Levy

Little Muhammed looked out from his one eye at the guests. His left eye was gone. Near him lay the body of his brother Samir, 12 years old, a clever boy who had possessed intelligent eyes, and had been expelled from Haifa in '48. Ahmed, the neighbor upstairs, had shot Samir. The battle in the PA had reached the back courtyards. "Bury him," the elderly Abu Al-Assed pleaded, his right eye gone, having arrived by foot this morning. "He stinks."

Little Muhammed remained quiet all day today again. The whole week he had been silent. From above, the villas of the settlers look out, built in to the hills. Day after day, the settlers wathc the Hamasniks shooting the Fatahniks and don't do a damned thing.

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Lion of Zion said...

i stopped reading anything by gideon levy this summer. he makes me want to vomit.