Friday, December 15, 2006

Gaza Strippers

Ah, you think, Medad is getting into no-no territory.

Not really.

The Gaza Strippers are a rock band.

They have this out - Electric Bible: The New Testament CD

Here they are:


Rick Sims
Darren Hooper
Mike Hodgkiss
Mark Allen

Rick Sims, the leader of the Gaza Strippers, was the founding member and leader of pioneering and influential Chicago punk heroes the Didjits. Releasing five albums on Touch and Go Records over the course of the late eighties and early nineties, the band toured consistently all over the world. As the Didjits called it quits, an up and coming punk band called The Offspring recorded the Didjits’ tune “Killboy Powerhead” for its blockbuster 1994 album Smash (Epitaph) which has sold upwards of seven million copies. Rick then joined the Supersuckers on their 1994 album Sacrilicous (Sub Pop) and Fred Schneider of The B-52s on his 1996 album Just Fred (Reprise). Also active in local theater in current hometown Chicago, Rick has written and performed music for many productions at the Lookinglass Theater company.

In 1996, after leaving the Supersuckers, Sims got the itch to start a new band of his own. With bassist Darren Hooper and former drummer Todd Marino, the Gaza Strippers were born. Releasing their first single in 1997 and their first album in 1998, Laced Candy (Man’s Ruin), the Strippers began to create excitement around the country with their rousing, bratty and sometimes confrontational live show. Said the Chicago Reader, “(The Gaza Strippers) transfer the hyper energy of the Didjits to outsize ’70s hard rock.” Now the Strippers have channeled that energy into an incredible new record, 1000 Watt Confessions (Lookout!), which will be released in October 2000. With second guitarist Mike Hodgkiss and new drummer Mark Allen, the Gaza Strippers are set to keep rock and roll alive and kicking for many years to come.

Now, imagine an Israeli band calling themselves, hmm, At the Gates of Gaza or Samson's Locks or Delilah's Delights.

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