Thursday, December 28, 2006

Malley and Seigman Clunk It

Robert Malley, who directs the Middle East program at the International Crisis Group and Henry Siegman, director of the U.S./Middle East Project and a visiting professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (visiting professor? the guy's a complete idiot as I know from speaking with him), have published an op-ed.

There are a most dangerous dudding duo if there ever was.

Here's an operative conclusion they reach after an analysis of why everything is wrong except for the Pals.:-

Hamas will not, however, recognize Israel. That's unfortunate. But is it really worth plunging the region into greater chaos because Hamas will not confer upon Israel the legitimacy the Jewish state is granted by virtually every nation in the world?

Great going guys.

Incrementally increase the political and military power of Hamas without demanding of it the very minimum dipomatic step of a - any - peace process. And then demand, upfront, Israeli concrete territorial and security concessions. And then both Hamas and Fatah get a better chance at really doing Israel damage.

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