Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sinjil - Our Nearby Arab Village

As some of you may know, whenever I speak about the area around Shiloh where I live, I point out that the name of the nearby village of Sinjil is actually a corruption of the name of the Crusader knight who built a fortress there (and upon which, the Arabs built their mosque) which was Raymond de St. Giles.

In French, Saint Giles is pronounced "San Jiles" (with a soft 'g').

Well, there are always a few who doubt that and now I found a confirmation in the form of a British adventurer, father of Kim Philby the famous spy.

See this:-

Harry St. John Bridger Philby CIE (April 3, 1885 – September 30, 1960), also known as Sinjin Philby (the British pronunciation of "St. John" ) or Jack Philby, also Sheikh Abdullah, his Arabic name, was an Arabist, explorer, writer, and British colonial office intelligence operative.


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