Monday, August 28, 2006

From Dror Vanunu's Letter

Excerpts from Dror Vanunu's letter on the state of the Gush Katif evacuees:-

The difficult situations the soldiers describe regarding lack of food, water and military equipment raise many questions especially as we remember the 57,000 trained soldiers and police, wearing uniforms specially made for the event (Disengagement) and equipped from head to toe. In summer 2005 there was no lack of water, food, nor of any equipment. "The logistics killed the settlers" gloated the logistics force headed by General Udi Adam (currently commander of the north) during Disengagement. The current leadership and heads of the army showed an impressive determination last summer to "win" in the important battle against the settlers. General Benny Gantz described the settlers as a more dangerous enemy than the Hezbollah. Even in the midst of the fighting Olmert chose to say that we have to finish the campaign in the north in order to insure that the Convergence Plan will be carried out.

The events of the last few days merely increase the feeling that the last thirteen years in which we: signed the Oslo accords, brought the chief murderer Arafat and tens of thousands of terrorists with him, restrained ourselves towards the murderous Arab attacks against us, ran away from Lebanon and uprooted 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif - have been foggy years in which the way wasn't clear and we wandered far from the ideas of Zionism and Judaism. Only a return to our roots and a real understanding of the huge Islamic threat against us will bring hope to the Jewish people and an ability to defeat our enemies.

Major-General Gershon, commander of the Disengagement, visited last Thursday 24.8 at the house of the Moreno family whose son Lieutenant-Colonel Emanuel Moreno Hy"d (35), a senior commander in the elite Sayeret Matcal unit, was killed last week in a heroic action in Ba'al Beck. During the consolation visit the Major-General told the mourning family that: "The Disengagement was a crime and I am a partner to the crime against the Jewish nation." Furthermore he said that "What happened lately in Lebanon in a punishment following the crime that was committed". The IDF spokesperson denies these claims.

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