Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jew Yesterday, Maybe Tomorrow; Today?

Who is Perry March in Nashville whom some think is trying to manipulate the system while he awaits sentencing at the Davidson County jail?

Read on:-

March was convicted last week of murdering his wife Janet.

In the latest twist to the case, sources told NewsChannel 5 that March is now trying to convert from Christianity back to Judaism. He became a Christian only a few weeks ago. Detective Pat Postiglione said March may again be trying to manipulate the system.

“If you are able to convince the TDOC you’re are a practicing Jew it can send you to certain prisons. But, I don't think any prison is good,” Postiglione said. Certain inmates are sometimes placed in prisons separate from ones that hold anti-Semitic gangs. The jail chaplain declined to comment on March's religion.

March will be sentenced by Judge Steve Dozier on September 6. He'll then be sent to a state prison.

Jewish or Christian, you're still not supposed to murder your wife.

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