Thursday, August 31, 2006

And A Child Shall Lead Them

A recurrent theme of left-wing criticism of right-wing protests in Israel is the fact that many times children participate.

Sometimes these people complain that we take them out of school; other times, that we are endangering them. At other times they just make up excuses.

I found this today and I think it relevant:-

Police arrested 28 people today as demonstrators marched on Britain's biggest coal-fired power station in a bid to shut it down.

...the protesters were arrested for offences ranging from possession of offensive weapons to causing a public nuisance and criminal damage.

The demonstrators set up camp at the weekend about two miles from the plant, which they have described as "Drax the destroyer". The power station, which dominates the skyline with its 12 cooling towers, is close to the village of Barlow, between Selby and Goole. It produces 20.8m tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

Just after 9am today, hundreds of demonstrators left the site led by a group of small children and parents with pushchairs. As they made their way up the small lane to the main road, they were joined by another large group of demonstrators, dressed in white overalls and with their faces covered.

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