Thursday, August 17, 2006

But Was He Circumcised, and How Much?

E sent me this:-

Gibson Converts to Judaism

Changes Name to Mel Gibstein

In his boldest bid yet to apologize to the Jewish community, actor Mel Gibson today announced that he had converted to Judaism.

The news took many Jews aback, since conversion to Judaism is a demanding process that can take months or even years of study, and Mr. Gibson accomplished the feat in a record time of forty-five minutes.

But a spokesman for the "Lethal Weapon" star explained how Mr. Gibson pulled off his lightning-fast conversion: "This is Hollywood -- a lot of things can be done by special effects."

Moments after his conversion to Judaism, Mr. Gibson paid a visit to the registrar's office in Los Angeles County and had his name legally changed to "Mel Gibstein" in a show of commitment to his new chosen faith.

Then it was off to Malibu, where the 50-year old actor was bar mitzvahed on the beach in a small, private ceremony.

"Today, I am a man," Mr. Gibstein said before a gathering of friends and well-wishers from the local watering hole Moonshadows. "A Jew man!"

Mr. Gibstein, whose Lexus LS sedan now sports a license plate reading "LCHAIM," said that he was "thoroughly enjoying being a Jew" and vowed to only shop wholesale from now on.

The actor added he would begin production of a new film, "Mad Matzoh Beyond Thundershalom," as soon as he kicks his drinking problem.

Commentators within the Jewish community voiced their support that Gibson will succeed at overcoming his addiction to alcohol, as Gibson vowed ""From now on – I'll be drinking only Manishevitz."

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Anonymous said...

Gibson became Gibstein? Mel remain Mel? Why not Itzic? Tell u what. I am not against this Gibson, scuze me, Gibstein, or whatever he wants, but what about circumcision?