Friday, August 18, 2006

And What About Unexploded Hezbie Munitions?

Did you know that they are already off the mark, those human rights groups?:-

Rights groups warn of danger of unexploded cluster bombs

Richard Norton-Taylor
Friday August 18, 2006
The Guardian

UN explosives experts have identified 10 places where Israeli guns have fired cluster bombs on southern Lebanon and fear there could be many more of the devices, a human rights group said yesterday.

As Human Rights Watch warned that the sites could be the "tip of the iceberg", UN officials reported yesterday that two children were killed by a cluster bomb explosion in the town of Naqoura.

Aren't they aware of:-

Police Conduct Third Day of Searches For Unexploded Katyushas

( Police are conducting a third day of searches around northern towns and cities for unexploded Katyusha rockets that may pose a danger to citizens.

They warn the public not to get close to or touch any suspicious looking items, but to report them to the local police.

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