Monday, August 21, 2006


I just came home and caught a newsclip of our esteemed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert speaking up north and saying that he will not be a part of a self-flagellatorical exercise.

YNet has his words:

"I have decided that we concentrate all our energies and resources on one thing: Not on mutual blows, not on arguing over what happened, but rather, on how to prepare for what's to come."

But left out an important, well, for me anyway, section of his remarks.

No, wait, they didn't. I found what I was looking for here:

"I won't join this game of self-flagellation or punching the IDF," he said. "What is the IDF? It's our children and the children of our nation. Who are the commanders? Those are our best sons, headed by the chief of staff. What will we do with them? Line them up and slap them, so that they cannot prepare for the future, and then complain again later?"

Notice that: "our children".


Er, as far as I am aware, Olmert has four children. One girl, Dana, is a "peace activist" which means she has called Halutz a murderer - which she did at a demonstration some three months ago or so.

Of his two boys, both of whom live abroad, one served in the army but he refused to serve at a later stage and avoided defending our security. The second one got out of serving altogether for political reasons. (Anyone with exact info, please let me know or comment here).

So, "our"?

Tsk, tsk, Mr. Olmert, but not yours.

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