Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Disengaging from Disengagement?

Danny Rubinstein starts off okay in his piece but can't forget, the territories must go.

The unilateral concept now seems, after the events in Lebanon and Gaza, to be dying. No more unilateral convergence. Along with it may die its twin sibling: the separation wall. What use is there for a wall when war is fought with Katyushas, Qassams and kidnappings? When the wall's path followed the Green Line, it was one thing, but when it started to penetrate into the West Bank, and particularly into the Jerusalem area - it became a delusional annexation plan that is nearly impossible to carry out, other than with suffering, discrimination and exploitation that cannot last in the long run.
[and it also ate up much of the money that could have been spent better on the Lebanese front]

But what's the alternative?

The only alternative to unilateralism has been and remains striving for an agreement. The Palestinians are requesting it and in recent days have been working toward it.

The Israeli government acts as if the Palestinian political running around does not concern it. Business proceeds as usual...[]...raids, assassinations and arrests continue...
[as if the Hamas are sitting around knitting balaclavas]

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