Thursday, August 24, 2006

Arlene Peck is Getting Prepared

Arlene Peck, an outstanding journalist and political commentator, as well as a socialite, is well-known for her forthright and incisive columns. She appears regularly on the Arutz 7 website as well as being syndicated all over in important journals.

Arlene and I are sort of friends although never having met. The advantage of e- mail and the Interntet is that I can sit her in Israel, either in Jerusalem where I work or Shiloh where I live, and communicate, banter and exchange ideas with Arlene.

In fact, I can use modern technology and put up a picture of her at Pebble Beach getting ready for a spin on the race course and all the while think she's going through a training course to come over here and help us out on the security front.

Arelene, it ain't easy driving a tank!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never knew that i was on your site..And,pictures to boot!
I haven't written in months for several reasons.. been a little busy with getting rid of a brain tumor for one..along with another in my neck which is being taken out next month.. but, that wasn't the only reason..
I stopped writing because there is absolutely no leadership in my country at the moment.. nor Israel. None! I just can't stand seeing what I'm seeing. Maybe when Israel gets a little of the chutzpa again that I was always so proud .. and has a few of the criminals running the government deported or arrested.. starting with Olmert.. and continuing with Peres.. Arlene Peck

YMedad said...

First of all, refuah shleima! Second, glad to hear from you. Third, how I agree with you! Take care.