Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reform Rethinking?

The thinking of a Reform Jew:-

One of the most notable victims of this new war has been the broadly based support for “HITKANSUT” – the realignment of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and a follow-up to “HITNATKUK” – the withdrawal of every single Israeli from the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas-led lobbing of missiles from the northern Gaza into Israel and then the killing of some Israeli soldiers and the kidnapping of another have given the clear signal that Hamas is totally dedicated to the destruction of Israel as a political entity. There is nothing that Israel can offer Hamas other than the dissolution of the Jewish state that seems capable of curbing this terrorist group’s lust for wanton destruction and death.

And when the missiles started dropping up north, fired off by Hezbollah which is not only a Syrian controlled and Iranian financed terror group but also a full participant in the Lebanese government, and when there were more deaths and more kidnappings – then it became clear that Israel’s total withdrawal from Lebanon and years of subsequent peace have done nothing to reduce the blood lust of its enemies to the north...

...In such an environment, it will be enormously difficult to convince the Israeli public that withdrawals from contested lands will in any way hasten the day of peace. The Palestinians and their terrorist supporters once again have proven themselves highly skilled at disdaining any roadmap to peace.

So, can we count on your support, Stan, for, at the very least, a complete rethinking of "Hitkansut"?

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