Monday, June 03, 2013

Islamic "Division"


The international Quds institution has warned of Israeli plans to legitimize dividing the Aqsa mosque between Muslims and Jews.  The institution said in a statement after its board of directors met in Cairo that Israel was trying to impose such a division then legitimize it in parliament...

...A delegation of the board of directors had met with the Egyptian president Dr. Mohammed Morsi, Sheikh of Al-Ahzar Dr. Mohammed Al-Tayyib, general director of Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohammed Badi, information minister Salah Abdulmaqsud, and the Wasat party led by Abul Ela Madi.

What "division"?

Do they mean sharing?  Do they mean coexistence?

Do they mean Jews fulfilling their legal right to pray somewhere, at some time, within the Temple Mount courtyard, not inside an Islamic building?


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