Friday, June 14, 2013

Frivolous Law Suit

This appears to me to be such a frivolous legal move:

Palestinians to sue US pro-settler groups    In a reversal of usual roles, a group of Palestinians is filing a civil lawsuit against American organizations that they claim support terrorist acts by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank.  Two U.S. citizens are among those suing under the Anti-Terrorism Act, a 1991 statute that allows American victims of international terrorism to sue for damages in the United States.

...“I think it’s important for the American justice system to show that they’re going to apply the statute in a neutral and even-handed way, ” said Eric Lewis, a Washington-based lawyer who has had clients accused by pro-Israel groups of aiding Palestinian terror.

And what is the charge?

The suit was filed against pro-settler organizations on the basis that they help supply arms for Israeli settlers and support those who attack Palestinians. Malito & Adolfsen, a litigation firm based in New York, is filing the case in the southern district court of New York. The firm refused to comment.

The defendants - the Hebrew [sic! Hebron] Fund, the Central Fund of Israel, the One Israel Fund, American Friends of Ateret Cohanim, and Christian Friends of Israeli Communities - did not respond to requests by Al Arabiya for comment.

...Recent research by ADC found that some pro-Israel groups said they use donor money for educational or peaceful purposes, but actually use it for other things. “When you look into their activities and their news releases, you find out that… they’re engaging in warfare...,” Ayoub said. 

That is not only ridiculous and untrue but unprovable within the framework of thus suit, as I understand it.  Some background.

And the chances of success?

Both Ayoub and Lewis see obstacles for the case, but expressed optimism.  “If the plaintiffs can show knowledge that those who donated to these organizations knew that these were settler organizations that were going to use violence to displace Palestinians… then I think you have a reasonably good chance of getting over the procedural hurdles,” said Lewis...Ayoub said he views this lawsuit as a positive, primarily because it puts the issue on the table.

This is what the write in connection  with my home village of Shiloh?

The American Plaintiffs
Plaintiff Aydu Husam Ahmad, a U.S. citizen, lives in Sinjel a village located 21 kilometers northeast of Ramallah in Occupied Palestine and surrounded by the village of Turmus Ayya and the Israeli settlement of Shilo. Since 2002, Jewish Settlers have hampered Sinjel villagers' access to their traditional lands. Mr. Aydu Husam Ahmad was attacked several times by the Settlers. The latest was in May 21, 2012 where he was stoned by The Settlers when he tried to protect his olive trees from being uprooted. He filed a report with the Israeli police.

What does this

 surrounded by the village of Turmus Ayya and the Israeli settlement of Shilo.


How can he be "surrounded"?  Even their English is as illogical as their legal claims.
And if they are talking about terror, does the court know who placed an explosives-laden refrigerator in Jerusalem's Zion Square in 1975?

Palestinian militant group PLO claimed responsibility for the attack. Later on it was revealed that the attack was executed by the Arab-American Ahmed Jabara, aka Abu Sukar, whom originated from Turmus Aya. Jabara was assisted by Bassem Tabila of Nablus whom fled to Jordan before he could be arrested.

Israel freed Ahmed Jabara from prison in 2003 as a gesture to Yasser Arafat. Shortly after his release, Jabara called for the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers at a rally in Bethlehem that was widely covered by the Palestinian media.
Fifteen people were killed in this terror act and 77 were injured.  All civilians.

Among them:  Rivka (née Soifer) Ben-Yitzhak, 35, an American citizen, and her husband, Michael, who left behind two small children

Maybe someone should be suing the lawyers for assisting possible terrorist supporters?  Who knows if this Ahmad was not involved, or maybe a member of his family?

And furthermore, Shiloh was established in January 1978.  The terror attack in Zion Square was earlier by three years.  So how can the "settlement" be a cause of Turmos-Aya residents, if they wish to argue, being 'forced' into "resistance" against the "settlement enterprise"?

There was this earlier:

The Palestinians have threatened to pursue Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) if it builds new Jewish settlements east of Jerusalem.

In 2008, it seems to have begin. But 'beaten back'.

Let's have this suit throw out  ---  fast.


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