Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weiner Whacks Anti-Zionist Open Zion Blogger

Open Zion's Ali Gharib is p*ssed off at Anthony Weiner.



At the celebration in downtown New York last night marking the Supreme Court's ruling against anti-gay marriage legislation, Weiner told a questioner that he still believes Palestinian territory of the West Bank isn't militarily occupied by Israel. A tipster, who asked to remain anonymous, sent a video of the notoriously anti-Palestinian [?] politician to Open Zion. In the exchange, outside of the famous Stonewall Inn, the questioner asks, "Do you still believe the West Bank is not occupied?"

Weiner quickly responded: "Yes, I do. The status of that area is left to be decided by the people who're there."

"So it's not occupied by Israel?" the questioner persists.

"I gotta tell you: there are disagreements about what constitutes the West Bank,"

The video:



The New Republic is also very very upset.


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