Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tel Shiloh 1937

Found here:


1937. To Syria with the Bowens. Dec. 10-20. Shiloh, Prof. Schmidt explaining the sacred circle

I would surmise that the location is the crest of the Tel, where the new Tower is now located.

Will you be coming to the 2nd Shiloh Conference on the Bible and Archaeology this Thursday?

No, not this one.

This one:-

Thanks to LBD.


P.S.  My neighbor, Yona Zoref, thinks that the angle would indicate a location closer to the area of the Pilgrims' Basilica, near the current Visitor's Center.


Another photograph, of the lintel at Jam'a A-Sittin:

(Other pictures, here.)

This is the caption: "Dec. 10-20. The lintel of the temple."  But that should be the Tabernacle, and even that is in error.


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