Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elderly Palestinian Brutally Attacked and Dies

This death, note, was NOT done by Israeli security forces:

Haj Saadi Alsakhal died on Saturday afternoon in PA Intelligence headquarters in Nablus few hours after his arrest from his workplace, the Families of Political Prisoners Committee in the West Bank said.
The committee stated that PA forces broke violently into Haj Alsakhal's workplace this morning in Rafedia and arrested him and his son Musab.  The PA forces came to arrest Musab but his father refused to hand his son. They started then shooting up in the air before arresting both the son and his father where they were taken to PA intelligence headquarters in Junaid prison, the committee explained.

In the prison, PA security forces brutally attacked and harshly beat the elderly man which resulted in Haj Alsakhal's death few hours after his arrest.


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