Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Berry Berry Immoral

I love this line, especially a Westerner in the pay of Arab propaganda:

You would not expect to encounter a bombastic justification of Israeli settlements in the Guardian

Why not? It is a newspaper, isn't it? Not a political screed tract.
Oh, and he includes this in his op-ed attacking Dani Dayan's Guardian op-ed:
Jews had special reason to understand how it feels to be persecuted en masse, to be punished collectively and treated as less than human. This blindness to injustice on the part of historic victims of injustice ranks, he declared, as ‘one of the defining iniquities of our age and powerfully implies a shamingly low upper limit on the extent of our species moral intelligence.’

And what about the Arabs who, through their terror in 1936-1939 (and prior) against the Jews and British, convinced the British that with a world war upcoing, and their oil, it would be better to appease them than fulfill the League of Nations decision to reconstitute a Jewish National Home in Palestine? 

Not only did they basically influence the British Mandatory regime to alter the Mandate and close the gates to Jews fleeing Hitler, but their leader, the Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, went off to Berlin and became an enemy of the Allies by stirring up the Arabs masses to support Hitler.

That is what is the true immorality, Mr. Berry.

As well as yours in ignoring this and ignoring the Arab refusale to accept any compromise.

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