Friday, June 28, 2013

Poster Terminology

The Left are claiming that the new Begin Road extending south is doing irreparable damage * and splitting Bet Safafa and so they are protesting.

And they plastered up a poster reading "Begin is Dividing Jerusalem":-

That 'sound-byte', "...Divide Jerusalem", was employed by the Likud against Shimon Peres in 1996.

Photo credit: IBrown

My only question is that since Bet Safafa was divided for the 19 years during Jordan's illegal occupation of a section of east Jerusalem, why is the issue of splitting now so sacred?



Supreme Court gives Israel 30 days to resolve controversy over East Jerusalem highwayResidents of Beit Safafa oppose road that would cut their neighborhood in half.

Israel's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the state must find a solution for the problems posed to residents of an East Jerusalem neighborhood by the construction of a highway that would cut the neighborhood in half.

The court refrained from ordering the state to cease the construction of the highway...The Supreme Court arrived at its decision on Wednesday after hearing an appeal by Beit Safafa residents, who began protesting against the road six months ago. The district court rejected the appeal despite the fact that the road was partially planned in the 1980's, and that it passes meters from residents' houses.

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