Thursday, June 27, 2013

New 'Price-Tag' Incident?

Reported: of the latest anti-Muslim attack which saw racist graffiti – including swastikas and the initials EDL, NF, KKK – daubed on a £2.5m mosque being built in Redditch, Worcestershire.  Police said they were doing everything possible to catch those responsible and had stepped up patrols in the area to reassure the local community.

Oh, not in Israel?

No settlers involved?

But police stilll seemingly inadequate.

Oh, my.

More details:

A mosque being built in Worcestershire has been broken into and graffiti including swastikas sprayed on to the walls and windows...Graffiti was sprayed over at least six windows.

...Police believe the motive for the attack was to steal building equipment.  A spokesperson said "thousands of pounds" worth of equipment was taken.

Is that "terror"?


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