Friday, June 28, 2013

The Peace Gap

As Aaron Lerner notes, one question in this poll is wrongly wordly but first, the poll:

New Wave Poll:  

56.9%:28.6% Support talks but 55.4%:30.9% deal impossible
Do you support renewing the negotiations with the Palestinians?
Support 56.9%; Oppose 28.6%; Don't know 14.5%

Do you believe it is possible to reach a permanent arrangement?
No 55.4%; Yes 30.9%;  Don't know 13.7%

Do you support the Palestinian approach, namely release of prisoners, easing movement, etc.?
Support 19.6%; Oppose 69.3%; Don't know 11.1%

Assuming the negotiations are renewed, what should Israel refuse to concede on?
[AL: the wording of this question is problematic as forces the respondent to pick one thing]

Right of return 30.3%; Division of Jerusalem 35.5%; Settlement blocs 7.0%; All the territories 17.6%; Don't know 9.7%

What puzzles me is how can 7% seek not to yield the "settlement blocs" and yet 17.6% do not wish to return all of the territories?

Does that mean they accept the Arab definition of "occupation" as including all of Jerusalem?  And that would reflect the par?

But at least Jerusalem is still the highest priority.

And again, the peculiarity of Israel's public opinion on peace is evident - they are "for" but pessimistic about its chances.

But are they "for" because no one wants to be "against" or they genuinely feel that peace is a benefit, is good and a worthy goal?


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