Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Attack on Sarah Pallin Reveals Liberal Hypocrisy

In an attack against Sarah Pallin, we can read this:

Distilled to a slogan, politics of late goes something like this: “I’m more fertile than you are.”  It seems fecundity is emerging as the best argument for public office, policy or even citizenship...a strange shift has occurred among female politicians as they have resorted to flexing their womb-manhood. Rather than try to out-man the men, women have begun to celebrate — or exploit in some cases — their higher purpose.  This brings us unavoidably to Sarah Palin, who reminded us recently that fertility is the ultimate trump card...Palin drew applause with a quip about her marital virtuosity. For Christmas, she gave husband Todd a gun, and he gave her a gun case for the four-wheeler, and . . .“He’s got the rifle; I got the rack.”...

and this, too:

Fecundity, apparently, triumphs over moral reasoning.

Funny, but don't liberals/progressives and most of the diplomatic corps use this basic fertility argument against Israel? 

To get it out of the territories it administers of Judea and Samaria? 

You know, the "demographic threat"?

Or is this just plain hypocrisy?


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